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Go on holiday at Lildgaard Riding holiday and accommodation

Lildgaard is a lovely thatched three-storey horse property, located in Jammerbugt, in the scenic Thy, just 2.5 km from the North Sea, in some of Denmark's most beautiful unspoiled nature.



Lildgaard is located next to the state forest, where we offer pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings whether you come by car, on horseback or on hiking / biking, the area offers countless opportunities for nature experiences.

Here you will find marked bridle paths that lead you through a varied terrain of forest, sand dunes and beach. We live only 600 m from the Rideruten Thy, which stretches in a well-marked riding trail of 100 km - from the northernmost part of Thisted Municipality at Bulbjerg to the southernmost part of the National Park Thy at Lodbjerg.

We stay in Lild dune plantation only 300 m from the national cycle route West Coast Trail, which runs from Bullbjerg to Agger through the stunning scenery with a varied terrain of forest, dune heath and beach. There are 8 marked hiking trails in addition to the Nordsøstien/ Vestkyststien, which is part of an international hiking route around the North Sea.

Lildgaard is 2.5 km from Lild Strand, an old fishing village where boats are used for fishing from the beach. Lild Strand is definitely worth a visit. Here you can buy fresh fish, or visit the town's 2 galleries. You can choose to cook the freshly bought fish or your own food in our newly built large kitchen, or on our outdoor fire pit.